We have decided to help our patients like never before.  We have started selling CBD oil.  CBD has many benefits to help us tackle conditions that aren't being helped through traditional medicine.  Some of these are anxiety, depression, gastritis, nausea associated with chemotherapy, reduce pain and inflammation, epileptic seizures, glaucoma and Parkinson disease symptoms.

The CBD we use at Lakewood Wellness Center is from Hempworx.  Hempworx has 2 different purification processes.  1 removes 100% of THC for those that are worried that even a little THC will get them "high."  This isn't the case at all.  Also for those whose jobs may require an unannounced urine test.  The other purification process removes almost all of the THC.  This is because THC does have medicinal benefits that some patients might desire.

  We sell 500m.g. bottles because it gives all the benefits at a reasonable price.  There is also a 750 m.g. bottle.  If you want the stronger amount, we have no problem ordering that for you.  There is also a cream based product that is good to rub on painful areas.  There is no smell or burning if you accidently rub the product into your eye..  Pain disappears rapidly.

  There are 2 flavors the product comes in, natural and peppermint.  We have the peppermint flavor because the natural flavor is a little rough.  Again, we can order which ever you like.

  There are also THC products for pets but at different strengths due to different absorption rates in our pets.

   Hempworx tests all of its products for efficacy.  You can find these results on their website.  Moreover, the hemp used to extract the oil is grown in Kentucky, and unlike a lot of firms who claim their CBD products to be lab tested, HempWorx actually ‘walks the walk’ by publishing up-to-date details of their test results on the site (you can find them under the “HempWorx Store” tab by clicking the “CBD Oil Certification” button).